• V type ball valve
  • V type ball valve

V type ball valve

Material:  WCB,LCB,WC6,WC9,CF8,CF8M.CF3.CF3M,CN7M,904L

Size:  DN50-DN500

Pressure range:  150LB-400LB(PN6-PN64)

Connect type:  Wafer and Flange end

Drive :  Wrench,Gear,Pneumatic actuators and electric actuators

.Part name for V type ball valve

4-O ring
5-O ring
9-O ring
11-O ring

13-Worm gear set
14-Bevelling spring
15-O ring
17-V shape ball
20-A djusting cushion
21-O ring
22-Down-end cap

二. Describe for V type ball valve:

The ball of V type ball valve are V notch, so there's name is V type ball valves,  suitable for use on various kinds of pipelines of Class 150~Class300. There are two kinds of applications for V type ball valve according to customers?? different requirement. One is used for cutting off or switch on the pipeline medium. The other is used as control valve for regulating the medium flow

capacity in pipeline. Operation manners for cutting off type ball valve include manual, worm gear, pneumatic or electric actuators, where as for regulating type V type ball valve, open ball valve, open manners are of pneumatic and electric actuators.

Of the application for metal sealed V type ball valve, the temperature is in general 200 .As specially ordering, the application temperature for metal to metal sealed V type ball valve can be 425 (carbon steel valve body) or 540 (valve body of stainless steel, CrMo steel, and CrMo V steel).

For Soft Sealed V type ballvalve, the application temperature is in general 180(reinforced PTFE seat).

Connection type for V type ball valve is of water flanged connection

Structure principle for V type ball valve:

1. For V type ball valve, the bevelling spring or pillar spring loaded movable seat design has been employed, which is reliable in seal and of long service life as
there in no such problems as clenching or disjointing.
2. It features the function of slipping between the ball with cutting edge and metal seat, which is particularly suitable for the medium containing fibre, solid particles,
thick fluid, and so on.
3. As per different working conditions of customers, several kinds of advanced techniques have been employed separately for the ball and seat surface of metal to meta l sealed ball valve, such as nickel base alloy by spraying welding (for hardness HRC60), stellite alloy by ultra-sonic spraying coating (for max. hardness ?݈RC70), and specially hardened material etc. ,which are suitable for many kinds of critical working conditions.
4. When the valve is fully open, flow capacity is big, pressure loss is small, and the medium would not deposit in the body cavity.
5. Being impact in structure and extensive in common use, the cutting off V type ball valve features perfect sealing property and may replace gate valve, globe
valve and general ball valve. For regulating V type ball valve, its regulating scope available is wide, and its regulating accuracy is high.

6.The V type ball valves Mainly used in paper mills, chemical plants, smelters



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