• Self-cleaning filter
  • Self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filter

Material of self-cleaning filter:  Q235,SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,SS321

Size of self-cleaning filter:  2inch(DN50)-24inch(DN600)

Pressure for self-cleaning filter:  150LB(PN16)-600LB(PN100)

Connection type for self-cleaning filter:  RF,MF,RTJ,BW.

design criterion according to:  API6D.ANSI B16.34

Face to face according to:  ASME B16.10,DIN3202.

pressure test according to:  API598.GB /T13927,DIN3230

Introduction for Self-cleaning filter

Modular Filter Series modular self-cleaning filter is the automatic filtration system designed by Inoco according to the modular design concept. It has the high reliability and flexibility for expanding. It has the following features: running automatically, very durable, no manual cleaning, very easy to open for maintenance, with unique V-SLOT filter element, completely back-flushed and less back-flushing discharging liquid. self-cleaning filter can purify the liquid and protect the downstream key equipments. It is designed and manufactured by the high performance, high quality, high reliability standard of Inoco and has the world class quality..

Applications for Self-cleaning filter:

MF filter not only can purify fluid, protect key equipment, but also can reclaim expensive solid particles from the backflushed liquid. MF filter is applied to low viscosity liquids, such as raw water, sewage, gasoline, heavy gasoline, diesel oil, residual oil.

Competitive Advantage for our Self-cleaning filter:

MF filter had two sub-series: R series filtrate back-flushing type, using the filtrate downstream out from other filter units to flush one filter unit's filter element external surface; V series external fluid back-flushing type, using the external clean fluid (liquid or gas) to flush one filter unit. All units are flushed one by one.


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