• Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator
  • Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

Material of pneumatic actuator:  Q235

Bleed pressure for pneumatic actuator:  0.3mpa-0.7mpa

Output torque for pneumatic actuator:  500N.M-110000N.M

Connection size according to:  ISO5211


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Our company produce the Pneumatic Actuators have 7 years,the Pneumatic Actuators have two type according to the structural, one is Spring return pneumatic actuators, this type of Spring return pneumatic actuators can automatically self-closing or self-opening when power cut or stop of gas supply. anther type is double-acting pneumatic actuators, this type of pneumatic actuators need used gas to opened or closed.

TECHNICAL FEATURES for AT Pneumatic Actuator:

1. Alodur hard anodized body

Extruded aluminum body with Alodur special hard anodization applied internally and externally for a complete corrosion protection, a lower friction coeffi cient  and an increased surface hardness for the longest wearing resistance. Additional protective coatings are avail-able on the external surface for different environmental working conditions.

2.Pistons design

Dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting position, high-cycle life and fast operation, reverse rotation can be accomplished in the fi eld by simply inverting the pistons. Both pistons are anodized for a better corrosion and wearing resistance

3.Two independent external travel stop adjustments

As a standard, travel stops allowing adjustment for – 5° up to +15° on the close position, and for + 5° up to -15° on the open position. This allows accurate valve alignment, stroke limitation and provides on actuator a large travel adjustment.

4.Universal and anti-blowout drive shaft

Integral drive-shaft is available with double square as standard to permit versatility, lower and more fl exible inventory. Others connec-tions and an aluminum adaptor on top are available on requests.

5.One compact and unique design

With identical body and end caps for double acting and spring return model to reduce inventory, allows fi eld conversion, by adding or removing modular spring cartridge

6.Position indication

As standard actuators are supplied with a position indicators and a graduated ring allowing to achieve easily the correct actuatoralve position. Other types of position indicators suitable for direct mounting of sensors (P+F, IFM, etc.) and mechanical limit-switches avail-able on request.

7.Multiple bearings and guide

Bearings on piston and racks for precise operation, low friction, high cycle life and piston guides preventing shaft blowout

8.Modular preloaded spring

Cartridge design in high grade coated steel for simple range versatility, greater safety and corrosion resistance.

9.Electroless nickel-plated drive-shaft

Blow-out proof, bearing guided for improved safety and maximum cycle life.

10.conncetion dimension of top flange acc.ISO5211

11.Big size body with large torque.

pneumatic actuators

AW pneumatic or hydraulic actuators, available in single or two cylinders for double acting or single cylinder /spring return

     The AW series actuators are used in the pressure guard and gas /hydraulic control system, and are proven performers is high and extreme low temperature operation .Custom design and manufacturing is available to meet unique requirements.

      AW pneumatic or hydraulic actuators are compact  , lightweight and ideally suited for ball butterfly and non-lubricated plug valves ,or any quarter-turn (90degree) rotating mechanism .AW Series is available in single or two cylinders for double acting or single cylinder /spring return configurations.

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