• Quarter-turn electric actuators
  • Quarter-turn electric actuators

Quarter-turn electric actuators

Material of electric actuators :   Aluminum alloy

Output torque for electric actuators:  50N.M-800N.M

Connection size according to:  ISO5211

Nominal voltage:   380V ,415V and 220V

Travel range:  0 - 90°±10°

Motor power:  30W-180W

Rated current:  0.22A-3.8A

Service environment:  -10℃-60℃


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This HQ type eletric actuators has intellectual control and handle control, we can choose handle control when the motor has broken, this type of electric actuators only can  rotate 270 °,so this quarter-turn electric actuators usually used on the butterfly valves and ball valves.

this is a new kind of product which is advanced from several of insufficient of electric actuator. Among them, a lot of key parts are imported from Germany or Japan with compact structure, reliable quality, and superior performance.

♦ Features

1、Shell- use advance aluminum alloy, light quantity, and treat with anodized finish inside and outside, polyester powder coated on surface and high corrosion resistance.

2、Motor- use SPG squirrel cage type motor, big output torque, and internal set heat protection button to control the temperature to avoid the damage of motor.

3、Manual structure- when open circuit, pull clutch handle can go on manual operation. When being electrified, the clutch resets automatically.

4、Position director- director is mounted on the center bearing to observe the position of valve. And with selection of directing light (SLU)

5、Dryer- used for control the temperature to avoid the water coagulation of inner the actuator and maintain the inner electro-pneumatic piece's dry.

6、Limit button - controlled by cam organ to set position precisely and conveniently with simple adjustment organ.

7、Torque button (except HQ-008) - can offer over-load protection to avoid the motor to be damaged. (pls don't change the mounting arbitrary).

8、Self-lock-self-lock function, avoid reversing, with steady and reliable acting part.

9、Mounting- bottom mounting according to ISO5211, derive bearing can be pulled out and machining as require, great flexibility. Fit for vertical or horizontal mounting.

10、Link end - compact and reasonable circuit setting, the diameter of wiring end is 2.5mm, high pressure, firm linkage.

11、Wormgear- adopt cam design, large connecting surface with worm rod, big output torque, balance and anti-abrasion, long service life.

12、PCU board- compact and reasonable structure, set PCU board in the casing.

13.beautiful appearance and best quality.



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