• Multi-turn electric actuators
  • Multi-turn electric actuators

Multi-turn electric actuators

Material of electric actuators:   Aluminum alloy

Output torque for electric actuators :  50N.m-5000N.m

Connection size according to:  ISO5211

Nominal voltage :  220V and 380V

Output speed :  12/Min-60/Min

Motor power:  0.12KW-15KW

Current modulus:  0.57A-26.6A

Service environment:  -40℃-80℃


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This Multi-turn electric actuators has intellectual control and handle control, we can choose handle control when the motor has broken, this type of electric actuators is multi-turn type,so this multi-turn electric actuators usually used on the globe valves valves and gate valves.

1. Non-intrusive switching:

The Multi-turn electric actuators utilizes

magnetic induction mode switching without any shafts penetrating the shell.

2.Non-intrusive setting:

The actuators operational parameter setting are effected using the non-intrusively, hand held, infra-red setting tool.

3.Double sealed:

All the Multi-turn electric actuators series actuators are housed in a double-sealed enclosure and provide complete protection to the internal equipment even if the terminal cover are removed during site wiring, the type of waterproof actuator can running 48 hours while the actuator immerge into water deep 3 meters.

4.Torque protection:A sensor serve as overload protection for the entire valve travel, and you can setup a different torque volume between 40~120% of rated torque, in addition the open torque protection value can be different from close torque.

6.Limit protection setting:

If this function is enable, the actuator shall be stopped automatically while the valve  position reaches the limit position.

7.The actuators real time monitor all three phase of the power supply during operation to prevent  the motor from running when the power supply is short of phase.

8.Electronic Latching :

Electronic Latching inhibits the actuator torque protection function within 5 seconds and allows the motor to generate torque in excess of rated torque to enable operation of jammed valves while starting operation signal is enable , should the actuator stall when attempting to unseat a valve stuck in its seat, the motor will be de-energised to prevent damage.

9.Motor thermal protection:

Two thermostats are embedded in the windings for provide thermal-protection by de-energise motor in the event of motor over the maximum temperature.

10.Electric protection:

The input and output signal channel of circuits are designed as photoelectric isolate mode.

11.Valve position and torque measure:

Use hall effect magnetic pulse system continually monitoring the valve position and use the magnetic flux and current of the motor for continually measures the controlling torque are to avoid the mechanical wearing and ensure function stability

12.beautiful appearance and the best quality.



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