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Lined pipe

Material of lined pipe:  API5L(GR.B, X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70),A106.B,A106-C.

Size of lined pipe:  (16MM-530MM)OD×(1.5MM-40MM)WT×(4000-12000MM)LONG

Thickness for plastic lining:  1.5mm-3.5mm

lining material:  PE,PE-RT,PE-X,PP-R.PVC-U,PVC-C,F46.

Executive standard of lined pipe:  CJ/T136-2007,WSP 039-2005,DIN 30670-1991

Tolerance zone of lined pipe:  Within the scope of the standard

Usage temperature:  less than or equal to 95℃

Applicable medium:  Water, sea water,sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid

Our company has passed the standard requirement of ISO9001:2008 in June,2010.In July,2010,approved by AQSIQ of the People's Republic of China,we obtained special equipment manufacturing certificate,No. TS2710的D03-2015 of the people's Republic of China. To insure the quality of our products, we have equipped perfect inspection facilities,such as imported OES(Optical Emission Spectrometer),UT(Ultrasonic Testing)and ET(Eddy Current Flaw Testing),etc.We also own import-export operations right.Our products has been exported to Europe,Japan,Middle East,Southeast Asia and so forth.Stainless steel pipe and cast iron pipe and carbon of brand ZKV enjoys great reputation among customers at home and abroad.Our company can not only produce various standards of steel pipes,but also can have them nonstandard as customers’ requirements.As to our certificates,please refer to the certificate page on our website.

Pipe lined PTFE

Pipe lined PTFE

Pipe lined PTFE

Short pipe line F4

Features/Benefits for pipe lined F4:
-Solid PTFE resists virtually all chemicals
-High and low temperature capability
-Good for ultra-pure reagents and solvents

Application Fields of Plastic Lined Pipe:
1. Widely used in the system of media transportation, PRO-environment treatment in Chemical industry, power plant, metallurgy, and food industry etc.
2. Widely used in the transportation system of petroleum and nature gas.
2. Widely used on the project for drinking and water supply and sewerage works.
4. Widely used for pipes of ship project, equipment and the anti-corrosion of sanitation
The Characteristics of Plastic Lined Pipe:
1. Excellent physical properties;
2. Good anti-corrosion;
3. Same mechanical strength with steel pipe;
4. Sanitary, non-toxic, non-fouling and non-breeding;
5. Resistance to chemical corrosion, marine bio-corrosion, and resistance to cathodic stripping;
6. Skilled and convenient Installation process;
7. Good weather resistance, and adapt to the severe environment of desert, saline aquifers and so on;
8. Smooth inside wall, high efficient transportation and long life-span.


Made from pure PTFE, this material can be used to handle virtually all corrosive media, including hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and alkalis. It is ideally suited for custom packaged products requiring the ultimate in chemical resistance.


SIZE: DN25~DN600, the length can be customerized.
Nominal pressure: PN1.6, PN2.5; ANSI 150LB/JIS 10K
Flanged standard: JB78/JB79; HG 5010 ANSI B16.5 JIS 2212-2213
Pipe manufacturing standard: HG/T 21562
Test standard: GB/T 13927 API598
Lining test method: Spark Test



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