• I-tork electric actuators
  • I-tork electric actuators

I-tork electric actuators

Material of electric actuators:  Aluminum alloy

Output torque for electric actuators:  25N.M-9000N.M

Connection size according to:  ISO5211

nominal voltage:  380V and 220V

Service environment:  -20℃-70℃

Actuation time:  18/s-117/s

Waterproof classification:  IP68

Anti-hazard classification:  ExdⅡ B T4

Our company is the primary agency of  i-tork electric actuators in china,we export the i-tork electric actuatorsas many as 3800 sets, so we can get the cheaper price from i-tork company,we can also OEM i-tork electric actuators if you no need original i-tork electric actuators, you can download the catalogue in our company's web site if you  want to learn more product performance about the i-tork electric actuators.


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