• Forged Shaft
  • Forged Shaft

Forged Shaft

Mterial of Shaft:  A105,LF2,F22,F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F51,F321,Monel.

Types of shaft:   Crank shaft and Direct axis

Size of shaft:  OD(DN15-DN1200mm) x Long(15000mm)

Degree of finish:  Ra0.1-Ra3.2

The highest accuracy:  ±0.005mm according to the customer request


Forged material and valve part.pdf

The Shaft have anther name is stem, the shaft mainly used for bi mechanical equipment and oil drilling.,some advantages of the shaft in our company:

  1. All of the chemical composition are accord with national standard,we can make the different forging according to the customer request

  2. All of our forging must to heat treatment before maching.the forging first step of machining,so the forging process is very important,our forging technology have already gefer to the U.S.

  3. we can save more cost of materials,because all of our forging are used in die forging.

  4. The  forging and casting no have any sand holes and cracks,because all of the need magnetic particle inspection and radiographic inspection .

  5. Our company have the big lathe,we can machine the bigger and longger shaft.

big shaft

The shaft for motor


The shaft for Ship alternator


The shaft for Roll processing



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