• Explosion proof electric actuator
  • Explosion proof electric actuator

Explosion proof electric actuator

Material of electric actuators:  Aluminum alloy

Output torque for electric actuators :  400N.M-600N.M

Connection size according to :  ISO5211

Nominal voltage :  110V/220V/380V

Rated power:  70W-90W

Protection grade:  IP68

working range:  0-90°

Service environment:  -30-60°

This AOX type electric actuator usually used on the butterfly valves and ball valves, this electric actuator without manual operation,it is divided into intelligent control and ordinary switch control.

♦ Operation principle

1、Superior function: selection of intellective type, proportional type, button type.

2、Compact volume: the volume is about 35% as the same type product.

3、Light weight: the weight is about 30% as the same type.

4、Reliable function: bearing and electric element adopt importing brand product.

5、Beautiful and generous: aluminum alloy casting shell, fine and smooth.

6、Superior wear-and-tear proof: special copper alloy forging worm-wheel with high strength and good anti-friction.

7、Safe guarantee: can resist 1500V pressure for special-made lock cable line.

8、Simple set-up: uses single-phase mains, simple outer connecting circuit.

9、Convenient usage: without oiling and electricity test, waterproof and antirust, mount with any angle.

10、Protection equipment: double limit, overheat protection and overload protection.

11、Various kinds of speed:  the whole stroke time is 5-150 seconds, in order to satisfied the requirement of different operation mode.

12、Superfine circuit uses thermostable and flammable resistance line, heating but not aging, safe and reliable.

13、Anticorrosion and antirust: uses stainless steel for support, adapter, screw.

14、Intellective numeral-control: mount inner module uses advance computer chip and intellective control soft.

Accept the standard control signal of computer or industrial instrument directely (signal 4-20MADC/1-5VDC, etc.) to realize the opening of electric valve (intellective control and accuracy orientation for off-setting)

15.Small volume and light weight,easy installation

16.cheaper price.



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