• basket filter
  • basket filter

basket filter

Material of basket filter:  Q235,SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,SS321

Size of basket filter:  2inch(DN50)-24inch(DN600)

Pressure for basket filter:  150LB(PN16)-600LB(PN100)

Connection type for basket filter:  RF,MF,RTJ,BW.

design criterion according to :  API6D.ANSI B16.34

Face to face according to :  ASME B16.10,DIN3202.

pressure test according to:   API598,DIN3230,GB/T13927

Introduction for basket filter:

The basket type filter  production of the company through the improvement, and has the advantages of larger filter area, small pressure loss, wide application range, convenient maintenance, low pricein a compact structure, has been widely applied in many industries.

The equipment consists of pipe, cylinder, the filter basket, a flange cover and fasteners and other components, equipment can remove liquid and solid particles, the normal work can also protect the subsequent equipment, when the fluid enters the filter cartridge has a certain size, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter basket, and clean fluid through the filter basket is composed of a filter outlet. When cleaning, unscrew the head bottom plug, drain fluid, remove the flange cover,remove the filter basket. Clean and reinstall it, therefore, maintenance is extremely easy to use.


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