• Ball valve
  • Ball valve

Ball valve

Material of balls:  A105,LF2,F22,F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F51,F321,Monel.

Size of balls:  1/2inch(DN15) - 48 inch (DN1200)

Balls test :  Magnetic particle inspection and Size inspection , etc.

The highest accuracy :  ±0.005mm according to the customer request

Degree of finish :  Ra0.05-Ra0.1

The variety of forgings:  Three way balls ,floating balls,trunnion balls


Forged material and valve part.pdf

The ball is the part  of the ball valves, it can be divided into the foaling ball and fixed ball from  the structure,according to the manufacturing process,it also can be  divided into forged ball ,cast ball and welded ball.

Some advantages of the ball in our company:

  1. The dimensions is very accurate.we can guarantee the size error within 20micron for each ball.

  2. The surface finish is very good, we must polishing processing on each ball after we used the  ball crusher to machine.

  3. the ball have high degree of concentricity,because all of the are uesed for CNC machine and machining center.

  4. we can save more cost of materials,because all of our balls are used in die forging.

  5. The  forging and casting no have any sand holes and cracks,because all of the need magnetic particle inspection and radiographic inspection.

stainless steel solid ball

Stainless steel ball used for ball valve

ball Sprayed tungsten carbide

Ball vale Spray welding TC

ball with stem

Ball with stem

3 way ball

3 way stainless steel ball



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