The knowledge of globe valve

Screw-tight globe valves,or ball valves as they are commonly known,have a stem axis perpendicular to the seat sealing surface.Because the stem has a relatively short open or close stroke and a very reliable cut off action,globe valves are well suited for cutting off or adjusting as well as throtting.

Globe valve disc once away from the closed position,it will no longer have a contact between the seat and clapper sealing surfaces,and thus its sealing surface mechanical wear and tear is small,because most of the cut-off valve seat and valve disc is easy to repair or replace,and in the whole valve repair or replacement of sealing components without removed from the pipeline,the valve and pipeline welding into oneoccasion is very applicable.Therefore,any possible wear in the process of work,for the valve,are not the main problem.

The minimum flow resistance of the globe valve is also higher than that of most other valves duo to the change in flow direction of the medium through such valves.This can then be improved depending on the valve body configuration and stem layout relative to the inlet and outlet channels.