The knowledge of gate valve

Gate valve is used as a cut-off medium, when fully open, the whole flow straight, when the medium operation pressure loss is minimal. Gate valves are usually used when there is no need to open and close frequently and when the gate is fully open or fully closed. Not suitable for use as a regulator or throttling. For high-speed flowing medium, the gate may cause vibration under the condition of partial opening of the gate, which may damage the sealing surface of the gate and the seat, and the throttle may cause the gate to suffer erosion of the medium. From the form of structure, the main difference is the use of the form of sealing elements. According to the form of sealing elements, gate valves are often divided into several different types, such as: type gate valves, parallel gate valves, parallel double gate valves, type double gate valves. The most common forms are wedge gate valves and parallel gate valves.