Product introduction for plug valve

Working for principle ball valves is the same to the plug valves they according to the structure of the form can be divided into tight plug valves, self sealing plug valves, plug valves and oil filled plug valves four. According to the form of the channel, can be divided into straight through plug valve, the three way plug valve and the four way plug valve three. There are also sets of plug valves.
Plug valves according to the use of classification, including: soft sealing plug valves, oil lubrication, hard sealing plug valves, lifting plug valves, three and four plug valves.
Soft seal
[3] soft sealing plug valve is often used in corrosive, highly toxic and high hazard media and harsh environment, strictly prohibited leakage occasions, and the valve material will not form pollution on the media occasions. The valve body can be made of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel according to the working medium.
Oil lubrication hard seal
Hard seal Lubricated Plug Valves can be divided into conventional oil lubricated plug valves and pressure balanced plug valve. Special grease plug body from the top into the body taper between the plug body, forming a film to reduce the valve opening and closing torque, to improve sealing performance and service life. Its working pressure can reach 64MPa, the maximum working temperature can reach 325 degrees, and the maximum caliber can reach 600mm.
Lifting type
Lift plug valve has a variety of structural forms, [4] lifting plug valve according to the sealing surface material is divided into soft sealing and hard sealing two. The basic principle of the plug to open up, then turn and can reduce the cock valve sealing surface friction between 90 degrees to fully open the valve when the valve is closed; the cock rotated 90 degrees to the closed position and then decreased to seal and valve sealing surface contact.
Three pass and four general formulas
Three way and four way plug valves are suitable for use in the Shanghai gear plant to change the direction of media flow or the occasion of media distribution. In accordance with the requirements of operating conditions, you can choose the soft seal bush or soft seal, hard seal lifting plug valve.