maintenance for gate valve

Gate valves are mainly on stainless steel material, we all know that no matter what kind of machine as long as it is stainless steel material, the life is very long, but like people always pay attention to machine maintenance, so in the face of gate we should be how to maintain?We can now maintain approach for the analysis of gate valve for you.
Face long time do not use the gate valve check often take out the bracket or parts have a loose screw parts, damage, to make timely processing, often should apply some threads in the valve stem p redictors of oil, it can play the role of lubrication, avoid rotation is not flexible machine fault, because long time preservation, will produce dust, must be scraped clean the dust and dirt so as not to cause the machine in operation speed is slow, be sure to check the sealing problems when using, once appear problem must be handled in time, if there is a problem, can cause certain economic loss, dew outside the machine, it is best to add a layer mask, so as to avoid the rain in the air into the machine, cause the machine rust, reducing the life of the machine