Maintenance and repair for ball valve

(1)all of the valve are need maintenance , and the ball valve is no exception.  You must find out on the ball valve first.After the downstream pipeline does have the relief pressure,carries on the disassembly operation.(2) decomposition and assembly again when the sealing surface of the parts, must be careful to prevent injury especially non-metal parts, o-rings inappropriate use of special tools.(3) when the assembly on the flange bolts must be symmetrical, gradually and 

.(4) the cleaner should be with the rubber ball valve parts, plastic parts, metal parts and work medium (such as gas, for example) are incompatible.Working medium is gas, available gasoline cleaning metal parts (GB484-89).Non-metallic parts clean with clean water or alcohol.(5) the break down of individual parts can use dip way to clean.Still left did not break down the non-metallic metal parts can be fine clean clean immersion cleaning agent of silk fall off (to avoid fiber adhesion) on the parts to swab.When cleaning should remove all adhesion on the surface of grease, dirt, plastic product, dust, etc.Non-metallic parts (6) after cleaning shall be immediately removed from the cleaning agent, may soak for a long time.(7) after cleaning after wash wall cleaning agent to volatilize and soak cleaner brush silk) (available for which the assembly, but shall not be put on hold for a long time, or it will rust and dust pollution.(8) new parts also need to be cleaned before assembly.(9) using grease lubrication.Grease and ball valve should be metal material, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium are incompatible.Working medium is gas, available for example 221 grease.Besmear in seal installation groove on the surface of a thin layer of grease, apply a thin layer of grease on rubber seal, valve stem seal face and friction surface coated with a thin layer of grease.(10) assembly time should not be allowed to have metal scraps, fiber, oil (except regulations used) dust and other impurities, foreign bodies, such as pollution, adhesion, or stay on the parts surface or into the lumen.