Features of gate valves

A gate valve is a valve in which the closing member (gate plate) moves vertically along the center line of the passage.Gate valves are mainly used for cutting off in pipelines.Gate valve is a very wide use of a valve, general diameter DN>50mm cutting device are selected it, sometimes small diameter cutting device also choose gate valve, gate valve has the following advantages (fluid resistance is small).(2) open and close requires less external force.The flow of the medium is not limited.(4) fully open, the sealing surface by the working medium erosion than the globe valve.(3) shape is relatively simple, good casting technology.Gate valves also have shortcomings:(1) the external dimension and the opening height are larger. Installation requires more space.(2) in the process of opening and closing, there is relative friction between the sealing surface, easy to cause abrasion phenomenon.Gate valves generally have two sealing surface, to the processing, grinding and maintenance to increase some difficulties.