Classification of gate valves

Gate valve have more type, there are have wedge gate valve, flat gate valve, single wedge gate valve, double disc gate valve , no rising stem gate valve and rising tem gate valve  and knif gate valve and Resilient seat seal gate valve and forged gate valves.

The wedge gate valves is Conventional valves, the material have WCB,LCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M and WC6,WC9 material,usually used in water and gas and oil, different material used for different medium.

The flat gate valve usually in Oil, the price of this valve is higher than other gate valves, the sealing have meatal to meatal and soft sealig,There are two kinds of diversion holes and without diversion holes

The knif gate valve is the simplest gate valve, they usually used in mud and pulp ,but this type of gate valves can used in high pressure high pressure environment. the pressure only under PN25.

The forged gate valve is the high quality valve in china, but there size only have under DN50, the material have A105,LF2,F304,F316, the connection end have SW,BW,flange, this forged gate valve usually used in high pressure environment.